Robin Sherwood Marauders Slot Review

Release DateApril 26, 2021
Game TypeVideo Slot
Default bet size€ 2.00
Max RTP96.10%
Volatility78.9 – High
Paylines4096 ways
default max bet€20
Max win on default max bet700,000€

Robin Hood was famous for a few things. One of his best traits was the ability to shoot a bow like no one else. Another of his fabled qualities was his desire to take from those with a lot and give it to those with a little. Now, we’re not advocating that you take anything from anyone without their permission. However, the concept of transferring wealth from one place to another is a central theme of the Robin Sherwood Marauders slot game. Of course, to unlock said wealth, you need to pillage the reels.

To help you in this quest for jackpots topping 5,000X, you’ll have a team of marauders by your side as you race through Sherwood Forest. Unfortunately, as skilled as this band of merry men are, they’re not capable of swinging the pendulum of fate in your favour. They might be able to help, but it’s not guaranteed. So, with that being the case, it pays to know what you’re getting in to. This Robin Sherwood Marauders slot review will get you acquainted with the game and, in turn, allow you to ty it for free.

Deep within a forest clearing, among the thistles and thicket, stands a target like no other. Constructed from wooden beams and topped with burning candles, the gameboard is there to be hit. However, before you take aim, you stop for a second to size up your options. There are plenty of things to hit but you need to make sure you’re reaching for the right ammunition.

With that, you scroll through the betting options and find the perfect arrow. You eagerly draw back your bow and let fly. A piercing thud echoes across the forest and you stand back to admire your shot. It’s a direct hit but, before you can marvel at your work, coins rain down from the sky and you stand tall as the one who conquered Robin Sherwood Marauders.

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